into my eyes








entering this virtual space
this grey film of deaf vibration
I see
an image of myself
with wide cut eyes in the linear
shape of the face
just like the mouths of two graves
cut into the levelled
of what once used to be
a glade
a shelter of joyful greenery
a dewy spot under
embracing light

the horror
of looking into the hollow orbits
seeing the vampire inside
that creature always hungry for shattered dreams
for soft juicy crumbles
our once hopeful lips lost while reaching
to meet
the horror
of rattling bones thrown inside
this pit of sorrow
slim and sharp like
the edges of a broken glass
which once poured
intoxicating mysterious juices
for our tongues tangled together

when the heart feels
like a graveyard for all the lost love
the soul
can only be the haunting ghost
in a mind
where all hopes have been strangled

this burden
which has been placed on me
the burden of all the failures and unmet expectations
is nailing me to my own bones
like a bird tenderly wrapped
in barbed wire

do not look into my eyes tonight
they became
nocturnal dwellings
for the demon of ghastly love

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